Immersion heater

Electric Immersion heaters- For applications ranging from water to severely corrosive chemistries
Surplus electric immersion heaters are designed for a spectrum of industrial applications - from water to the demands of corrosive chemical heating, with a vast array of configurations available such as open tank, screw plug and flange. A wide variety of sheath materials ensure heater longevity regardless of the chemistry, including: fluoropolymer, quartz, titanium, 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel . Immersion heater sizes range from as small as 100 watts for laboratory environments to as large as 54,000 watts (flange heaters up to 270,000 watts) for industrial applications. Surplus electric immersion heaters are CE listed.  

Teflon immersion heaters
Our fluoropolymer (PTFE) immersion heaters are compatible with virtually any chemistry and are available in sizes up to 18 kilowatts, single or three phase. We offer a large variety of standard and custom configurations for over-the-side and tank bottom installations, and low profile custom designs are also available. Rigid and flexible risers available.
Metal immersion heaters
We offer a variety of materials to match your application - titanium, 316 and 304 stainless steel,- in sizes up to 54 kW. Standard and custom configurations for over-the-side and bottom installations in open tanks. Thermal overtemperature protection standard (except screw plug), and our certifications include CE.
Quartz immersion heaters
Our quartz heaters are ideal for most acidic chemistries and have metal grounded elements with quartz sheath. Thermal overtemperature protection standard. CE certified.

Temperature Control
All heaters matched with overheat protection switch with temperature of 95 or 105 degree Celsius or PT100 temperature sensor.Electric cabinet is available if needed.