Industries Served Semiconductor,Metal Finishing,Printed Circuit Board,Cleaning Technologies,Photovoltaic (Solar Cells)

Immersion heater

Electric Immersion heaters- For applications ranging from water to severely corrosive chemistries Surplus electric immersion heaters are designed for a spectrum of industrial applications - from water to the demands of c....

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Immersion heat exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchangers, Heating and Cooling Coils Our industrial heat exchangers and heating and cooling coils are designed for the high demands of corrosive chemical heating. A wide variety of standard and custom co....

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Titanium products

We offer titanium anode basket,titanium coted copper,titanium tanks and so on. ....

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Electroplating Accessories

We supply PCB and FPC electroplating apparatus,inclused electroplating racks,electroplating clamps and electroplating hanging baskets.Excellent engineering and design assistance are available upon request.Industrie Serve....

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